Huawei Y9 features a 6. Huawei Y9 runs on Android 8. It flashes the zip file and image files to the system whether it may be Custom ROMs, root, or any mod files. This is not all. You can also root our phone, create Nandroid backups, over-clock to improve the efficiency of your device. Before beginning with the TWRP installation, you need to have some tools with you which are necessary for this process.

We have put that up to the section below. Rooting is the process of allowing users of smartphones, tablets and other devices running the Android mobile operating system to gain superuser access or control over various Android subsystems.


As Android uses the Linux kernel and based on the Open Source platform, rooting an Android device is so much popular and easy as well. Rooting can remove system apps called Bloatware, add mod files, tweaking system settings, tweaking themes or UI, can unlock hidden system features, install incompatible apps, etc. Rooting can also increase battery life and speed up device performance as well. It can also block ads on any apps, back up your device data seamlessly, and more.

We have provided both the methods to root our device which is either by SuperSU or Magisk.

[OUTDATED] How To Root Your 2018/19 Huawei Device With Magisk

Check it out below. So, try it out if you like to experiment with customizations on your phone. We hope that this guide was useful to you. This led me to start "GetDroidTips".

For more info, Please read our privacy policy before submitting your comment. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Follow this guide carefully and install the custom recovery at your own risk. Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube. Search in Articles.How to root Huawei Y9 There is a lack of functionality on your Android smartphone Huawei Y9 ?

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You want to get root access on this smartphone? What is Root Android? Rutili even as it is also called the super-user need to extend the functionality of the Android operating system. What exactly entitle Root on Android: - The ability to freeze and restore the firmware on your Android device - Remove ads from the app - Remove built-in applications and ringtones - Embedded applications and ringtones - Change the look of Android to no recognition to change the icons, change the backgroundstrongly modified apk, system applications - Extend the work on a single charge if you charge enough for 1 day, you can increase battery life by 1.

The procedure for obtaining root access, as a rule, is not complicated and a careful execution of all instructions takes place without any problems.

Moreover, it created a few universal tools that automate the process and make available to even the most novice users. One of the most famous is "Framaroot". This program allows rutirovat very large number of different devices.

And even if the name of your gadget is not listed in the supported, still it makes sense to try, because there is quite a high probability of getting root, and remember the negative effects will not be exact.

So, to gain root via "Framaroot" program, follow these steps. Download the latest version from the page "Framaroot".

Install the program from the downloaded apk-file to your device.

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Run the utility. In that case, if the device is supported by the program, on the main screen you will see a drop-down list of possible actions, which include options for the removal and root. In addition, below there is one or more exploits titles that are available for use. Tapnite one of the available exploits and tooltip will appear after a few seconds, describing the results of his work. If one method does not work, try another. Sometimes it happens that in the preparation of the superuser "Framaroot" crash randomly.

In this case, simply restart the program and try again. Once you get a hint that the device successfully rutirovano, you must restart the device.Is it possible to eliminate the startup animation that my operator has left and only leave Huawei's? On my phone, removing Huawei launcher breaks the system gestures Both the home gesture and the multitasking gesture stopped working.

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XDA Feed The best way to get cutting edge news about your device! Image Warp helps you transform pictures with manually adjustable grids April 14, Thanks Meter : Hello Guys I found many threads talking about removing huawei apps, but it was not that organized for all Here is a quick-easy guide for all: 1.

Connect your phone to your computer and press yes if it asks you to trust the PC. Join Date: Joined: Dec Thanks, going to try this out as soon as a reach my adb machine. Join Date: Joined: Jul Join Date: Joined: Apr Junior Member. Thanks Meter : 3. Join Date: Joined: Jan Huawei is known to launch only few smartphones per year. But each and every phone of theirs is unique in all aspects. The all new Huawei Y9 Prime is no different. This smartphone comes with all the trendy features such as triple rear cameras, and popup selfie camera.

Huawei Y9 Prime features all the flagship specifications at an affordable price tag. Some of which include 6. Moreover, it is powered by Octa-core 2. It runs on the HiSilicon Kirin F chipset. Do you want to Root Huawei Y9 Prime? If yes, then you must install TWRP recovery first. Now it is possible for the Huawei users to enjoy various customization and ROMs on their device.

Implement the steps given below at your own risk. We at Droid Thunder will not be held liable for any damage. Step 4: In About Phone section, tap on the Build number 7 times to unlock developer mode. This will open the command prompt window. Note: If there are any connection problems, just re-install Huawei drivers again. Step Then type the below command to boot Huawei Y9 Prime into fastboot mode:.

Step To confirm whether fastboot is functional or not, type the following command and press enter:.

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So type the below command and press enter:. Leave both the keys now.In this article, I will show you how to root Huawei Y9 smartphone. And with easy step by step instruction guide on how to successfully root. Stay until the end.

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Root or Rooting a device, simply means that you are now able to take full control of your Android device. After rooting, the smartphone has the ability to customize beyond limits. So, there are quite a few benefits of rooting the Huawei Y9 So, let us see what are those benefits.

So above were some of the key benefits of rooting your Android smartphone. But is it all good?

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Below are some of the cons or disadvantages of rooting the phone. Here are some of the key features and specifications of the newly launched Huawei Y9 smartphone. Related Article. Unroot the phone and Go back to stock ROM.

And also if you have any quires, do let me know in the comment section below. Do you want to know about Tech Droid Tips Motive? Or about the article you just read? Your email address will not be published. How to Root Huawei Y9 ? Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Send to Email Address. Your Name. Your Email Address.In fact, if perhaps you need to customize the settings or if you desire to increase the performance of your phone, you will have to root your HUAWEI Y9 In a third step, we will talk about the subject of security by looking carefully at the dangers that a root can trigger a phone.

huawei y9 2019 root xda

At last, we will end this guide by the method and the steps to stick to to root your device. Thus, the root of the Android operating system makes it possible to turn into a superuser and so have extra rights on the phone. Switching to superuser with root allows you to access the system files of your HUAWEI Y9a thing that was not possible with normal user rights.

Small caution: sometimes people mistake root and reset a phone. Whenever the difference is not obvious to you, we invite you to consult our article to factory reset on HUAWEI Y9to be sure that it is the root that interests you.

huawei y9 2019 root xda

So do not get worried about that. On the other hand, it is essential to understand that the root causes the modifications of data files essential for the good operation of your HUAWEI Y9 So make sure you know what you are doing before you get started. Before you start the process, you have to ensure a number of things.

Based on on the model of your phone, it will be crucial to look at which application is necessary. We present below 2 apps that are suitable with most models. This program uses a flaw of Android which allows to root the device.

huawei y9 2019 root xda

It is just necessary to validate that you have authorized the installation of unknown source application on your device. Then you just stick to the process which is very simple. If you are lost, you will quickly find tutorials that detail the steps. With this software, you have the alternative of running root on the phone or from your laptop.

The process is similar to Towelroot and there are as well many tutorials with this software. There are many other commercial apps that allow to root your Android cellphone.

We have not tested them, nevertheless you can always try them in case the first 2 methods that we have proposed do not operate.

Search for:.Ordinarily, smartphone companies just like Huawei place limits to stop you from making some maneuver. It is annoying, you may believe. To deal with the limits of the manufacturer, there is an effective technique identified as Root.

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In concrete words, this implies that you will turned into a powerful administrator of your Huawei Y9 Keep in mind though, the manufacturer place software constraints to stop you from making stupid actions. Assuming your smartphone is rooted, you can brick it by making damaging tasks. Having a rooted Huawei Y9you should be allowed to:. Be aware that whether or not making root your Huawei Y9 offers a lot of gains, we have to notify you about the potential risks that involves. As a result, you actually can brick your Huawei Y9cancel the warranty of your Huawei Y9create security breaches on your Huawei Y9 and ultimately not having the capacity to make use of several apps on your Huawei Y9 As has been pointed outrooting your Huawei Y9 is certainly not a superficial mission.

[Flash File] Huawei Y9 2019 JKM-LX2 Firmware Download [Stock Rom]

We would suggest it truly is necessary a copy of your Huawei Y9 If you are not suredo not hesitate to copy the backup to Google Drive, Dropbox, …. Just before starting to root your Huawei Y9you have to check that it really is totally charged. You can manually root your Huawei Y9 The technique is a bit more complicated than with the apps listed in the next paragraphs. You can find all the details to manually root your Huawei Y9 To root your Huawei Y9 with Kingo Root, it happens to be truly simple.

Install the application on your Huawei Y9 and click on Root. In the instance that all goes good, the Kingo Root app is going to root your Huawei Y9 In the instance that you encounter any problems, install Kingo Root on your computer, connect your Huawei Y9 and stick to the recommendations. Rooting your Android smartphone using One Click Root is undoubtedly trouble-free. You have to verify if your Huawei Y9 is recognized by the software Check here.

Let One Click Root assist you to root your smartphone. In the instance that you decide to not make use of a root version of your Huawei Y9understand that you are able to cancel the changes. Go to Download SuperSU. From there, your Huawei Y9 will no further be rooted. As discussed in this post, rooting your Huawei Y9 offers a lot of benefits but continues to be a uncertain process.

Consider the reviewed programs carefully or you can expect to end up with an unusable Huawei Y9 Skip to content Ordinarily, smartphone companies just like Huawei place limits to stop you from making some maneuver. What is root and why should I root my Huawei Y9 ?


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